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We envision a world in which the power of technology not only creates limitless possibilities, but also a safer, more enjoyable user experience.

As we continue to develop innovative, high-speed networking products under the Motorola brand name, Zoom Telephonics, Inc. remains committed to the creation of forward-thinking security solutions, designed to lay the groundwork for continued growth and address consumer needs as they evolve.

We're pushing the boundaries of connectivity with high-quality products that are reliable, easy to use, and dependably connect people to the information they need and the people they love.

Our products

Expandable Whole Home Mesh WiFi with MotoManage App

Intelligent Whole Home WiFi and MotoManage app, complete with a wide range of customizable features to secure your network and control your devices from anywhere.
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Cable Modems

Say goodbye to monthly rental fees from your internet provider when you purchase one of our award-winning, high-speed cable modems for optimal performance and connectivity.
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WiFi Routers

Our routers transmit high-speed internet over an extended range to free up network congestion, offer broad connection capability, and provide you with more reliable internet service.
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Cellular Sensor

Records and reports temperature, humidity, water leaks, acceleration/earthquakes, light level, and power loss for your home.
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MoCA Adapters

Connect a MoCA Adapter to your home’s coaxial cable network for a high-speed Ethernet connection between your router and any smart TV/media player, computer, game station, wireless access point, or other device.
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MotoManage App

Offering a wide range of customizable features to scan and protect your network, easily troubleshoot performance issues, oversee activity on your devices and more, the MotoManage App is fastest and easiest way to optimize your new Motorola Whole Home WiFi network.
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Why consumerS choose us

Innovative Technology
Broad Compatibility
Superior Design
Simple Setup
English & Spanish Support
Quality Assurance

what the media is saying

"Best of the Best"
BestReviews highlights the Motorola MB8600 Cable Modem as the best you can buy if you subscribe to gigabit service, 2020
“The Best Cable Modems in 2020”
Tom’s Guide recommends the Motorola MB7420, 2019
“Best Five Modems for Faster Internet at Home” ranks the Motorola MB7621 among the best, 2020

WhAT customers are saying

“Very easy to set up, getting consistent coverage throughout the house now. Always full bars everywhere. It’s nice to be able to walk around the house and keep wifi on my phone on the same name, it appears to changes seamlessly between the two units.”
MH7022, Whole Mesh WiFi Review
Easiest cable modem I’ve deployed. Disconnected the comcast modem, connected up the MB8600, plugged a laptop into port 1, and within 20 seconds had the Xfinity activation screen.”
MB8600, Docsis 3.1 Cable Modem
Amazon Review
“I bought this router because I saw the reviews and I am not disappointed. Easy to install and configure and activation was very simple. This box replaced my old modem and my router and I saved space. Great value!”
MG7700 24X8, DOCSIS 3.0
Target Review
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