Leaders with the Common Vision to Simplify the Internet Experience and Secure Homes


Each of our team members has infused their unique creativity into the groundbreaking, innovative products that we have today.  We come equipped with a depth of industry knowledge and a breadth of experience that enables us to find opportunities for growth, mitigate risk, and move our company forward into the future....together.

Jeremy Hitchcock

Executive Chair
Serving as Executive Board Chair, Jeremy is leading the vision and the path forward for Zoom Telephonics, Inc. His previous experiences as co-founder and CEO of Minim and Dyn, two WiFi management and IoT security startups, have aided him in establishing a strategic new growth plan for Zoom that is projected to meet our company’s short-term goals while laying the groundwork for sustainable, long-term success.

Jacquelyn Barry Hamilton

Jacquelyn came to Zoom Telephonics, Inc. with a wealth of knowledge from her previous roles as CFO at Netcracker Technology, Intronis, the Global Technology Division at Monster Worldwide, and Corporate Software, the latter of which she helped to grow from $300 million to over $1 billion before selling over to Level(3) Communications. Jacquelyn closely manages company cashflow, financial planning, and all earnings reports. Her attention to detail and competent analysis of Zoom’s financial data ensures that our company is always taking the right steps forward.

Phil Stanhope

Currently leading the technology and engineering sectors here at Zoom Telephonics, Phil Stanhope transitioned over to our company after serving in his roles as VP of Technology Strategy at Dyn and Oracle, as well as the former VP of Engineering at Yottaa, Blackboard, Aspen Technology, and CTO at Adesso Systems. He is responsible for the successful execution and production of many of our innovative, customer-focused designs.

John Lauten

After having served in key supply chain and operations strategy roles at Cisco Systems, Fox Factory and for his clients at Tech CXO, John Lauten is now spearheading the manufacturing strategy and operations management for Zoom. He is consistently balancing quality and efficiency of production while encouraging maximum performance from his team.

Marlana Trombley

Interim CMO
Marlana remains focused on delivering more value and education to our customers through several direct-to-consumer channels.  Her consistent development of new, dynamic marketing strategies drives our company into a more lucrative future-market position. Marlana joined Zoom Telephonics after serving in a marketing leadership role at FlowTraq, a company which was acquired by Riverbed Technologies.
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