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Operating under an exclusive worldwide license from Motorola, Zoom Telephonics, Inc. (OTC: ZMTP) develops, markets, and supports Motorola-brand cable modems, routers, and home security products.  

In addition, Zoom Telephonics develops customer engagement platforms for IoT devices, such as the new MotoManage App, enabling product diversification for increased market share and future license expansion.

Our expertise


More than 20 products across 6 categories with differential price points

Exceptional  Engineering

Increased selling prices and greater margins through advances in technology

Consumer-driven Marketing

Expanded market share through implementation of market-based strategic growth plan

Our products

Expandable Whole Home Mesh WiFi with MotoManage App

Intelligent Whole Home WiFi and MotoManage app, complete with a wide range of customizable features to secure your network and control your devices from anywhere.
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Cable Modems

Say goodbye to monthly rental fees from your internet provider when you purchase one of our award-winning, high-speed cable modems for optimal performance and connectivity.
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WiFi Routers

Our routers transmit high-speed internet over an extended range to free up network congestion, offer broad connection capability, and provide you with more reliable internet service.
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Cellular Sensor

Records and reports temperature, humidity, water leaks, acceleration/earthquakes, light level, and power loss for your home.
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MoCA Adapters

Connect a MoCA Adapter to your home’s coaxial cable network for a high-speed Ethernet connection between your router and any smart TV/media player, computer, game station, wireless access point, or other device.
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MotoManage App

Offering a wide range of customizable features to scan and protect your network, easily troubleshoot performance issues, oversee activity on your devices and more, the MotoManage App is fastest and easiest way to optimize your new Motorola Whole Home WiFi network.
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A Fast-Growing, Lucrative Market

The global wireless technology market is booming, and
expected to exceed
in global spend  
within the next four years at 12.6% CAGR.
Source: Allied Market Research
of companies are now intent on a permanent work-from-home strategy.
Source: Gartner Survey
Projected growth from few to
per connected
home in the United States by year 2025.
Source: Advanced Television
Demand for Mesh  Routers  up
in units over last year and growing.
Source: NPD Data

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